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Thank you for vising our website. We hope you will find the below selection of fur trooper hats of interest, and a fur hat you like will be there for you to choose and buy it. Prepare for the winter - buy your trooper hat now! They also make wonderful Christmas gifts (hint-hint)...

The below-featured hats were all made in Russia, and the following universal sizes roughly correspond to the actual Russian ones: 'S' = size 7, 'M' = 7 1/4, 'L' = 7 1/2, 'XL' = 7 3/4. Prior to ordering, it is best to determine your actual head size. You can do this by measuring your head with a piece of string around the thickest part above eyebrows. Do this several times to establish average. If you measure your size in inches you may want to convert it to centimeters. The conversion formula is simple: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Enjoy your shopping!!

Faux Fur: 30% and 100% Synthetic (Acrylic) Fibers

Real Fur: Mink, Muskrat, Persian Lamb, Rabbit, Sheepskin

Astrakhan Fur (Karakul) Ushanka Hat Beaver Fur Ushanka Hat Mink Fur Ushanka Hat Muskrat Fur Ushanka Hat
Sheepskin (Mouton) Fur Ushanka Hat Rabbit Fur Ushanka Hat Raccoon Fur Ushanka Hat Faux (Artificial) Fur Ushanka Hat
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